Moto All About Energy
Nutrition Facts
Serving size 1 can (250 ml)
0.25 mg taurine
0.15 mg glucuronolactone
47 mg caffeine
26.25 mg sucrose
35.40 mg inositol

17.83 mg niacin
5.73 mg vitamin B6
4.78 mg pantothenic acid
vitamin B12
Be Moto
Moto increases the body’s performance.

Moto is the absolute multifunctional drink.

Moto replenishes the body with essential substances and vitamins and increase exertion.

Moto improves the mental stamina at work.

Moto delays fatigue and fights the "slump".

Moto keeps you awake at night, helping you to be active.

Moto in the next morning provide the ultimate start for a new day...
Recharge Yourself
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A relaxed night with Moto can become something special and leave a lasting impression..

Cocktails that deliver an intense experience, perfect to share. Mixed in new ways that exotic character of Moto liquid is the perfect partner

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Moto Mix
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